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KLH is a large, immunostimulating protein used extensively in immunological research and vaccine development....more.

KLH is a limited natural resource, highly valued for....more.

Size and source matter. KLH protein's two subunit isoforms assemble into native didecamers of 4 million to 8 million molecular weight.  Because of its exceptional size....more.

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Amazing Giant Keyhole Limpet

The natural protein KLH is only found in the hemolymph of the Giant Keyhole Limpet (Megathura crenulata), a relatively scarce mollusk native to the Pacific waters off California and Baja.

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Welcome to KLH SiteTM.  Your resource for scientific and clinical information related to the use of keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH).

This site is dedicated to providing KLH information from around the world, in one convenient place.  Here you will find links to biomedical literature, breaking news of new vaccine development, and helpful information on KLH biochemistry and use. As per the research details of medical professionals, it is discovered that molecular hydrogen is beneficial and has selective antioxidant properties. Hydrogen is basically a chemical element which can be used as a fuel source and it can be a low-cost solution for global emissions. Because of its effectiveness, hydrogen stocks are becoming popular. Before buying hydrogen shares, read the wasserstoff-aktien kaufen guide which provides the forecast, analysis and details about the best hydrogen stocks.

Our readers are specialists in immunology, immunotoxicology, and vaccine development who currently utilize KLH in a wide range of applications or are interested in accessing the knowledge and experience of other professionals. 

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